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Just an alert for any of the Devart community on it. :)…

- Fuzzy


Dare to dream
United Kingdom
A writer by hobby and a worldbuilder by love. This account is primarily a front for my work with the Fallout: Equestria sidestory, Murky Number Seven.

Little may be uploaded here, as it is all primarily to allow me to reply to the artists who do such amazing work. You'll find the link to my story hub here. Enjoy!

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PommelSketches Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Slouping Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Happy birtday :3
TheChrisPony Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy very early Birthday Fuzzy! :meow: (srry I am away for a few days)
Snoopy8009 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey fuzzy! happy early birthday!:happybounce:…

I didnt want to forget to post this so its a little early I hope you enjoy it!
FireheartTheInferno Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Howdy, Fuzzy! I just wanted you to know that I have some fanart inspired by Murky's own charcoal drawings in MN7 (I'm currently enjoying chapter 24) that I'd like your opinion on and I want to know what'cha think, if yer' not too busy now:

Facing the Wall (Dare to Dream):
Revise close-up:

The sequel: Concurring the Wall (Soar into Freedom:
fuzzyveevee Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2016
Hey man! These are pretty darn awesome to see! Very happy that it inspired them for it. I love traditional art, so seeing it done here is always super cool. Especially so that they surround the wall and the themes about it.

Really sweet. Will they be uploaded fully at all?
FireheartTheInferno Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank ya' kindly for inspirin' me and for the compliments, Fuzzy Howdy
The best part about this bein' in'a traditional medium is that its completely bona fide charcoal
--just like Murky's drawings! (although, I did take the liberty of using white charcoal in some places)
As an artist and someone who dreams of flying, while feelin' restricted due to the constraints of
being an Art student, Murky and his drawings really struck a deep chord in me. Emotipony Wince 

Ah...well that'd depend on what'cha mean by "fully". If you mean from corner to corner, that could be mighty difficult.
 I can definitely try. I might have t' stand on a chair and lean forward t' get 'em all in the shots, ('cause the drawing 'r huge!)
--but I'll get it done! I'm rather busy gettin' to the flow of Spring term at college, but I'll try t' get a full shot o' one tonight.
protector96 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015
Hi ^^
DracoKX Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015
I got a sudden jolt of inspiration from a song and decided to write a fanfiction about Murky Number it okay with you if I do that?
fuzzyveevee Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2015
Go ahead! I don't hold people down from making anything. :)
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